Welcome to Spring

March 31, 2011

Welcome to Spring.  With this particularly heavy rainy season, I am looking forward to being out in our hills and parks to see the proliferation of the wildflowers and the brilliant green hillsides.

A late snowfall on Mt. Diablo, Walnut Creek

I did have a wonderful opportunity to spend some time in the Everglades in Florida. My father lives in Homestead, so the Everglades is his back door. Walking on some of the interpretive trails and boardwalks during the dry season, one is more likely to see lots of wildlife – alligators sunning on the mud banks, a whole assortment of wading birds, nesting Anhingas, turtles, etc.  I have made several trips to the Everglades, and now, am more aware of all the environmental challenges that these creatures face and what a fragile ecosystem this is.  I will be returning again beginning of April, to document some of environmental issues:  agriculture and chemical pollution, housing development encroachment, exotic plants and animals, etc.

Taylor Slough, Everglades NP
The Anhinga (snakebird) spears its prey

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